Warning: Dangerous Girl Ahead by Kenley West

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Zoe has been cheated on. Again. Stung by this latest betrayal, Zoe heads home to her loving daddy, Jack. Jack has lusted after his daughter for years and is determined to seize this opportunity and get Zoe right where he wants her: in his bed. Zoe may have come home to lick her wounds but her father has some better ideas for how she can use her tongue.

When Zoe returns home after her boyfriend’s betrayal, Zoe finds herself under her father’s roof and, soon, under father. The bond between this father and daughter is tested in new ways and in new positions.



Jack couldn’t believe this was actually happening.

These last few weeks, he had been so happy to have his little girl home he had decided to proceed cautiously with his seduction plan. Now, here was Zoe, with her lips hovering near his, ripe for the fucking.

What is it they say on social media? Hashtag blessed? Blessed, indeed.

Jack slid his hands up his daughter’s arms, bringing them to rest on the sides of Zoe’s face.

Jack tugged at his daughter’s lower lip with his teeth, drawing a gasp from her.

He then slid his tongue into her open mouth, as Zoe wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

Their mouths dueled for dominance as they licked and bit and sucked at each other’s lips. Jack held firmly to Zoe’s face, maneuvering her head so he could sink his tongue deeper.

The kiss was wet and messy and hot. It was everything Jack dreamed it would be.

Jack pulled away from Zoe’s lips to run his mouth down his daughter’s throat. Zoe tilted her head back as he sucked at the tender skin, leaving red marks that would bloom into vivid bruises come tomorrow. Jack smiled at the thought.

He returned to his daughter’s mouth, pulling her to him as their lips connected once more.

They drew apart again, gasping for air.

 “Wow,” Zoe said. “That was… wow. If you had kissed me like that at the airport, I would have been riding your cock in the limo home, Daddy.”

Jack was shocked and pleased at the directness of his daughter’s words.

 “Zoe!” he exclaimed, a thread of humor running through his voice.

Zoe smirked at him as she ran her fingers through his hair. “Truth is truth,” she said as she punctuated her words with a shrug.

 “Well, if that’s the case…” Jack rose from the seat, tucking his left arm under his daughter’s knees as he lifted her into his arms.

 “Let’s see how you handle a stick, shall we?” Jack said, pressing a hard kiss to his daughter’s laughing mouth as he carried her into the house.

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