Daddy, May I? by Kenley West

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At 19, Darcy finds the love of a lifetime—with the man who helped give her life. Determined not to let love slip through her fingers, Darcy sets out to seduce her father and win his love.

Features copious amounts of wine, a shocking lack of condoms, and a boundary-crossing father-daughter pair. Plus, pie.

Okay, no, pie.






As he was telling his tale, my father threw his head back and laughed — his eyes sparkling and warm. In that moment, I felt my face flush and my nipples tingle. With his hand stroking my foot as he spoke, I became increasingly aware of his touch. Mesmerized, I watched his hand move up and down, up and down.


His words faded into the background. The weight of his hand on me was everything. As soon as I felt the dampness in my panties, I was jolted out of my reverie and back into the moment. And, with that, horror dawned as I realized the direction of my thoughts.


I was attracted to my father.


I sprang upright, practically falling off the couch in my haste to leave. My father grabbed my hand as I passed, concerned. I shook off his grip, mumbled an excuse about a headache and fled to my bedroom.


Throwing myself on the bed, I stared at the ceiling and thought back to what happened on the couch.


I had always been a logical person so I hoped some rational thinking would help me make sense of my feelings and put these unsettling thoughts out of my mind. And, that night of analyzing and dissecting did help me put things in perspective. But just not the perspective I was looking for.


Because I wasn’t just attracted to my father.


I was falling in love with him.


As I looked back on the year since I graduated from high school, I could see the deepening of my love for him. How there were times when I’d just stare at him, setting my eyes on him and feeling like I never wanted to look anywhere but at him. How I’d snuggle close to him as we watched a movie, feigning coldness but really only wanting to be near him.


But beyond the physical, I was drawn to the man that he was — his kindness, his humor, and how he just seemed to know everything about everything. I remember one of my friends joking about how close my father and I were, saying that no man would ever measure up. And, now I knew it was true. Because the only man I truly wanted was my daddy.


I needed to be his in every possible way.


I should have been be disgusted, alarmed by this attraction. But this felt right. I knew it in my heart. And, I needed to know if daddy did — or could — feel the same way.


I should take this slow and steady. Gradually get him to let down his guard and realize his feelings for me. Or, I could get him drunk and seduce him.


I picked option B.

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