Sister in Heat (Vol. 2)

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Things get complicated as Johnny tries to lead a normal life. Knowing that it would break his family's heart if he and his sister Monica started a relationship, he tries to do what he thinks is right: Settling down into his job and getting an apartment with his sassy fellow grad student Stephanie. Stephanie loves wild sex and keeping their relationship casual, but Johnny thinks they should take it to the next level. Meanwhile, Monica is still horny for her brother and adamant that the two continue their own illicit romance.



As soon as I opened the door, I realized everything would not be fine. Monica had all of the ingredients ready and waiting in several grocery bags that lined the hallway behind her, and she was standing amidst them with a sweet and very helpful smile on her face. That, of course, was not the problem. The problem was that my sister was wearing an outfit that did not so much suggest French Maid as scream it in the dirtiest French possible.

My sister, all five foot nothing of her, was propped up in shiny black stiletto heels that made her well-proportioned legs look like two sticks of edible dynamite. Those legs were encased in sheer black stockings that led up to a black and white skirt that might have been classy if it was several (and then several more) inches longer. Her ample chest was pushed together and nearly bursting out of the tight, buttoned top (her cleavage could have swallowed the Spanish Armada), and her lips were a brighter shade of blood. She batted her big, beautiful eyes at me and affixed her little maid's cap. She pushed it to a rakish angle and swept back one leg. "Well? What do you think?"

"I..." I said. This was not good.

"It's a little tight," she admitted, turning around and wiggling her butt at me. The floofy white ribbon on the back, whatever it's called, ruffled provocatively. "But do you think Brodie will like it?"

"I think his wife's going to have a heart attack."

"Oh good!" she said, clapping her hands together. "That's one less plate to make. Here, now you take this." She shoved a bag into my arms and clacked past me into the apartment. "Man, your place is clean," she said.

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