Hot Desert Daze

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Velen will pay Seth back for all that the man's helped him in the only way he can: Sex.


Broke and on the verge of losing it all, Velen's body is tight and supple, and when he offers it up to his best friend in exchange for protection, there's no way Seth's saying no.


Warning: This erotica contains two very hot men- one slender, one built - fucking each other with only saliva to help them along. Over 3,500 scorchingly wanton words.



Velen was no stranger to working another man to pleasure. He had sucked more than his fair share of dick in life. Though the one he serviced currently was the most impressive in his memory. Not just for its size, but for the sheer attractiveness of it; the heft, the subtle curve up along its dark trunk. And as he pulled his fingers back along it, the foreskin rolled away to reveal the well-lined crown, so prominently defined without being bulbous in appearance. It was the kind of organ that looked sculpted from marble by a master artisan.


If he wasn't so focused on his atonement he could enjoy suckling at it more. If it wasn't for the fact that every time he found himself on the end of this thing he was doing so for the point of bargaining or assuaging his guilt, he could say the same then too.


Working his mouth upon the tip, he could taste the salty beginnings of what was to come, and decided to hold nothing back. His hand slid away from its base as he plunged his moist mouth down around the organ. It was an uncomfortable fit, truth be told, too large to get in his outstretched maw without strain, but he took it and began to work it, his head bobbing, silvery pale hair swaying as he lavished his tongue upon it as best he could.


With flutters of his dark lashes he pushed his gaze back up to the man, watching as his shoulders and eyes rolled back, groaning from the sweet touch of his expert mouth. Velen would have grinned at his own skill if he were able, though instead he amplified his efforts, massaging those heavy pendulously swinging balls and pumped that girth.

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