The Lost Lagoon {Collection}

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How were the twins to resist one another, stranded on the beautiful island? They wore so little clothes, and it was impossible for Zach to hide his arousal from his twin sister Zahra.


She’d always been too polite to mention it before, but when he confesses he loves her in a way no brother should, she tells him she saved herself for her brother.


Part 1: Zach and Zahra finally give in to what they knew was between them for years.


Part 2: Zach feels so much more confident and capable after realizing his twin felt the same way as him. Now that they’ve shed themselves of the last bit of society, he becomes more forceful.


Part 3: Zach is getting out of control, but no matter how much Zahra fights him, she knows he would get what he wanted. The thrilling conclusion to the Lost Lagoon trilogy.


This shocking short erotica contains sleep sex, oral sex, and pregnancy sex.



His tan, gorgeously sculpted male physique was primed, hard and ready. He was at his peak. Never would he be so virile and in command as that moment, it seemed. For how could he? This was the greatest high conceivable, and he struck her again with a loud resounding slap against her ass in celebration of it. “You’re mine, bitch!” he called out amidst the harsh sounding slaps. Then he yanked on her hair, pulling her neck back as he growled down at her, “You’re mine to ride and breed forever, sister.”


She gasped and whimpered, trying to pull away from him, but it didn’t matter. He was holding onto her, and her meagre wiggles weren’t enough to fight him off. Not by a long shot. Her golden hair was tangled between his fingers, her face towards the tropical sky, and they made the picture of perfection.


He knew it. People would kill just to see the beautiful twins fucking on the tropical beach, to see him take his independent sister and make her his. To get her to understand her place as his woman. His wife, and sister, and lover.

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