Enslaved - Finding Her

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She was a slave.


Any with knowledge of the arcane could read the runes on her body and control her mind. She was always naked, and always obedient.


She escaped from her prior captors only to fall into the hands of a fledgling mage with a need to control her utterly.


An erotic novella of 13,000 words.



Looking her dark, tattooed form over with a slow lust-laden gaze, he eased his position a bit more and smiled, “And you’ll stay happily,” he then added abruptly, “because you want me. So badly,” and he stared down at her loins, “can you feel it there?” he asked with the sort of curiousness a virgin might.


The sensation of pleasure that rushed through her was indescribable, and she stepped towards him. There was such longing desire in her golden eyes, and she didn’t try to hide it like he had. She wanted him, and there was no denying it.


Even though the back of her mind screamed at her, she swatted it aside like a gnat.


Her brain was no longer in control of her body. He was. Him and his magic words.


Already she could feel her nethers redden and wetten, and she could barely contain her arousal. That piece of gold metal through the hood of her clit shifted between her lips, each pulse reverberating through it. “Yes,” she hissed lustily.


He gave such a smile of triumphant relief, looking so very pleasant as his lips parted. It was, for him, like years of study come to fruition in her enslavement. Those words that were binds for her were like an academic achievement that now bore fruit, and he reached out to grasp it.


His hands found her dark flesh, cupped her heavy brown breast as he looked down over her tattooed body, “You’re so gorgeous,” he stated, wanting her so very badly. “And you’re all mine,” he muttered in that ancient tongue, part command, part joyous celebration of the fact.

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