Teenage Slut #3: Punished by Daddy

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When Tiffany's step-father finds her masturbating in her room, he's livid.


Now all he needs to do is teach her she doesn't need to use her fingers any more, now that daddy's home.


Warning! This erotic short contains unprotected, barely legal sex between a step-father and his slutty daughter. Contains a sweet and sexy little school girl outfit and a waxed clean pussy.


Teenage Slut (#3) Enjoyed solo or as part of the series.



Her mother nearly bit her head off, "Don't you argue with me you little--" 


Her father thankfully cut her off, his powerful voice cutting in. "Don't argue. Just go to your room, Tiffany." He had a way of cutting through the disagreements to put an end to pointless squabbles. 


The way she stomped up the stairs in her black mary-janes, she knew it was childish. She didn't care. Stuck at home and not allowed to do anything all summer? That was insane! She already felt her anger switch to fear, and she could feel her body protest. She couldn't stay here all summer! She couldn't orgasm on her own!


She slammed the door and threw herself onto her bed before she kicked off her Mary-janes. It wasn't fair. Just because she'd fucked up that one time, and now she was going to be paying for it for the rest of summer. She knew, or maybe she just hoped, that Mister Petrel would be pissed and even try to vouch for her. Save her from this hellhole.


Just thinking of him pounding on her door and telling off her parents was a sweet relief, and a soft sigh parted her lips. It had been worth it, hadn't it? She still laid awake at night thinking of the way he forced her to lick his cum off his desk, and her clit throbbed beneath her special, slutty panties. He did things to her. Things that no man her own age had been able to do, no fumbling attempts in her youth had been able to compare.

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