Teenage Slut #6: Blackmailed by Brother

  • Manufactured by: J.M. Keep


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Tiffany and her step-brother were the only ones home.


That throbbing between her legs is insistent.


When he asks her if it was true that her stepfather was trying to knock her up, he knew he had to take a shot.


Warning! This erotic short contains unprotected sex between two step-sibling teens, including a blowjob, costumes, and blackmail.


Teenage Slut (#6) Enjoyed solo or as part of the series.



"Oh right, as if you're not out bangin' every chick that'll spread her legs for you," she glared at her older brother, but she felt her body warm. Felt that deep tingling between her thighs, and her face flushed. She prayed he wouldn't be able to tell just how pink her cheeks were getting under her tanned skin, that he wouldn't notice just how warm her cunny felt against that slim piece of fabric.


Cole had always been a bit of a jerk to her, but then, what brother wasn't to his sister? Though at her continued resistance he slipped the camera into his pocket and softened his tone--if not his hold on her ponytail. "C'mon sis," he said, and she felt his strong hand on her thigh, moving up towards that warm center, "you let dad have his fun no problem. Why you gotta be such a bitch with me, huh?"


She kicked at his thigh, that bare heel striking him as she hissed, "Maybe because he's not an ass that's trying to blackmail me?" she offered. She didn't tell him about how hot it had gotten her when her father grabbed her ankles and took her, how much it had turned her on to hear him call her a slut. They really were cut from the same cloth.

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