Teenage Slut #7: Sister's Surprise Gangbang

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Tiffany's loving stepbrother was orchestrating the entire thing. He told his friends they could have a taste of his baby sister.


And he makes certain that not a drop of cum is deposited anywhere but her unprotected pussy.


Don't worry, though. Her step-daddy will make sure his princess is feeling alright afterwards.


Warning! This erotic short contains a gangbang between four legal teens, including step siblings.


Teenage Slut (#7) Enjoyed solo or as part of the series.



"Oh whatever," he said, not an ounce of understanding in her brother's harsh look. "Like you were going to college anyhow," he said as she felt Jake's hands on her ass, squeezing her through those shorts of hers. "You're on a fast track to being a trailerpark slut," he said as if it were such a clear statement of fact, "not a college grad."


Her brother let go of her harshly then, pushing her back into Jake's arms in the process as Devin said to her in a dark voice, "Why don't you wanna be our friend, huh?"


She jerked back, feeling that hard body against her and she couldn't help that it felt good. That it felt cathartic, but she still glared at Devin, "I said I had to take an exam, not that I wouldn't fuck around later," she growled. She felt so pent up, so filled with rage and emotions as the three men circled her.


Jake muttered into her ear from behind, "We're not good with waitin'," and to punctuate his point she felt him pull down her shorts, exposing her ass to him as he ground against it.


The feel of the three, hard bodies surrounding her, being so exposed around them was like a fantasy come true. Her shorts were wrapped around her ankles, the stretchy jean fabric holding her tight as her breathing quickened. Her cunny was so beautifully waxed, free of hair and now tanned with her summer glow.

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