Taboo Impulses Vol. 1 by Saffron Sands

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Wrong, naughty and, oh so pleasurable….Taboo Impulses Vol. 1 is a box set of 9 previously released books by Saffron Sands.

Titles include:
My Sister’s Diary
Banging Kevin’s Mom
Banging At Daddy’s Cabin
Step Fun
What Candie Wants
Poker Night Gangbang
My Dirty Little Secret
Claudia Grows Up
While Mommy’s Away


My Sister’s Diary

Jessica would kill me if she knew I was snooping around in her room, but I just had to know. Did Tammy like me?

Tammy was her best friend and if they talked about me it was sure to be in my stepsister’s diary.

Jessica and our parents were out for the day. I pretended I had a stomachache so I could be left behind.

I wasn’t all that big on family shopping trips so it was no big loss on my part.

I entered Jessica’s room and was instantly hit with the scent of her perfume. Jessica smells good I thought to myself as I approached her dresser.

I opened the top drawer and gently lifted her clothes in search of her diary. It wasn’t there so I opened the next drawer and repeated the process, careful not to leave things messed up. The diary wasn’t there either.

When I finished searching her dresser with no results I glanced about the room. Under the mattress I thought, as a smile curved my lips. I lifted the mattress and ran my hand over the box springs but nothing.

Her nightstands. It has to be in one of them. I pulled the drawer open and to my surprise it was her panty drawer. I swallowed hard at the sight of the different colors of lace, satin and silk. With a trembling hand, I moved the petite panties aside as I continued my search for her diary. My hand hit something solid among the soft undergarments but it was not Jessica’s diary. It was my sister’s vibrator.

My cock twitched in my pants as I held the long purple bullet shaped device in my hand. “Oh, God.” I muttered and licked my lips. My mouth was so dry now it felt as if my throat would close.

I placed the sex toy back in the drawer under the panties as I had found it.

My mind reeled with images of Jessica on her bed, legs spread, skin moist with perspiration as she ran the slickened purple toy over her sweet spot.

I shook my head as my cock now sprung to life and I wasn’t sure how I felt about having a partial woody over my stepsister.

I closed the drawer and opened the next one. I chuckled out loud as I looked down and saw her diary. “Success!” I picked up the bright pink book and sat on Jessica’s bed.

I sank into the soft mattress and the vision of Jessica getting off with the vibrator popped into my mind. It was a struggle but I shrugged it off and opened the diary.

“Dear Diary.” I read aloud before skimming the page.

The first parts were pretty dull. Jessica talked about our parents hooking up, school drama, and fights with her boyfriend then something caught my attention.

She mentioned me. “My hot new older brother.” I read it aloud several times.

Jessica thought I was hot? I continued reading.

“I know I shouldn’t think of Derrick in that way but I can’t help myself.”

My cock was twitching in my pants again. I was stunned at what I was reading. I had only meant to find out if I had a chance to score with my sister’s best friend, not my sister.

I flipped the pages, scanning until I found a part describing her fantasy.

I know it is crazy but sometimes I lay in bed at night and look at my bedroom door hoping that Derrick will stumble in and have his way with me. At first I would act all put off, pretend I am shocked. Derrick would kiss my lips and I would turn away. He would pull me forcefully to him and tell me he is sorry but he cannot deny his desire for me any longer. Then he would push me to the bed kissing me forcefully, pinning me with the weight of his muscular body. I would push lightly against him and put up a brief struggle before letting myself go and confessing my desire for him.

I couldn’t believe it. Jessica wanted to fuck me.

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