Her Master His Daughter (BDSM daddy domination) by Cheri Verset

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How would you like 2 hot stories of BDSM, domination, and rough sex?

In Her Master His Daughter, Aaliyah stumbles upon her stepfather's secret dungeon and finds him pleasuring himself. This awakens her deepest fantasies and she lets daddy seduce her before abusing her body with flogging, nipple clamps, shackling, and blindfolding. Will he dare pound his daughter from behind?

In the bonus story Belonging to Daddy by Saffron Daughter, Jessica is her dad's sexual slave. But now he intends to share her! Will she enjoy being claimed completely and having hot wax dripping all over her young body?

This two-book bundle is for adults only! 12,500 words



Careful not to make any extra sounds, she craned her neck and peered around the corner. She gasped at the sight but covered her mouth just in time. She definitely hadn’t expected to see that!

There were iron bolts studded in the brick walls and manacles dangled from the higher rings. Shackles rested in a pile, their chains bolted to the concrete floor. Beyond the restraints stood a St. Andrew’s cross, a spanking bench, and various other types of BDSM equipment.

Obviously, she recognized all the items but she hadn’t seen this much fetish gear in one place since her college days. The far side of the basement appeared partially finished, with carpeting on the floor, a king-size bed in one corner, and a sitting area in the other.

That’s where she spotted her dad. He was naked and lounging in a dark leather recliner, stroking his massive erection while watching a pornographic movie on the flat screen.

Oh wow!

In an instant the patch of fabric between her legs – her thong – dampened. She was wet from excitement and the burning sensation slid across her skin like a cool breeze on a warm summer day.

It was hard to admit, even to herself, but Aaliyah had had sexual dreams about her father ever since she was old enough to care about such things. A strapping man, standing over six feet with broad shoulders and enviable six-pack abs, he’d been the subject of many erotic fantasies.Her fantasies came cascading back and she saw the opportunity of a lifetime.

This was it! It was now or never! She asked, “How about I do that for you?”

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