Not My Secret by Dick Spears

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It may have been strange for Jim to tell his best friend's mom about losing his virginity first, but that's the way the Carlsons were. They accepted Jim and treated him as if he was one of the family. They were open-minded, loving, and... hiding something. Would they let him in on their taboo secret?

Based on a true story.


Warning: This title Contains consensual MF incest, voyeurism, and MFF sex.


Word Count: 12,600




I slowly crept down the hall. I treaded carefully—I didn’t want to make any noise. As I approached, I could make out words—Evey saying, “oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah,” over and over. Jerry mostly grunted and gasped.

The door was open about eight inches. Light came from a lamp I couldn’t see, but my eyes had already adjusted to the dimness. What I could see was the top half of their bed.

Where Evey lay naked on her back, clutching the sheets and moaning.

The door blocked her lower half and whatever Jerry was doing to her, but from the way her breasts jiggled, he had to have been fucking her hard. I was sure her feet were up in the air as he plunged in and out of her. But even if I couldn’t see him, I could see the effects.
Which were amazing.

Evey’s eyes were closed and her face scrunched up in pleasure. She breathed shallow and fast. when she wasn’t moaning or calling out “Oh, yeah!” Every now and then she’d raise a hand, as if reaching for her husband, but then quickly return to hanging onto the sheets as if she was scared of falling off. And meanwhile, her breasts bounced under Jerry’s thrusts.

They were magnificent. Fuller than I expected with puffy pink aureoles and hard, fat nipples. Mouthwatering nipples.

My cock strained against my pajamas, looking at those nipples. It ached as I listened to the sounds of their sex. I slid my hand under the waistband and started stroking myself.

Evey’s cries built, but Jerry didn’t slow down. She bucked now, lifting her whole body off the bed for a bit. Jerry’s hands appeared to tweak her nipples, but only for a moment. She moaned loudly.

I let my pajama bottoms drop to the floor. They were just getting in the way of my jacking off.
Evey gasped. She let out a loud shriek and arched her back as she came.

I closed my eyes as my own orgasm overtook me. I exploded and shot my load all over the door.

As my knees grew weak, I struggled to keep my balance. I opened my eyes and looked down for my pajamas. As I pulled them up, I looked at Evey again.

And saw her staring right back at me.

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