Blue Collar Boys 2: Driven Over the Edge by Ira Chas

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Jayden owes Ross and Lea Wilder her life. Literally. They extracted her from a broken home and gave her a second life. Jay knows she can’t ask them for anything more, but over the years, she’s unable to quench the growing ache in her heart. Wanting them is a thousand shades wrong, but she can’t help herself. Her string of broken relationships with kinky older couples tell her what she really desires is just right in front of her. When Jay catches Ross and Lea by surprise during the holidays, a small window of opportunity opens.Can Jay take the first step to getting her happily-ever-after?

Warnings: This title contains taboo sex and a hot BDSM threesome between a sassy niece and her aunt and uncle.  

Word Count: 11,641 




“I want to sit on your face while Ross fucks you.”

I licked my lips at the prospect of tasting her sweet pussy. “Where do you guys want me?”

“Upstairs. Bed?” Lea suggested, continuing to pet and stroke me. Ross groaned.

“Too far,” I pointed out, looking down at the carpet. How many times have I imagined feeling the coarse texture against my skin while I was fucked dirty and senseless there? “Carpet, please?”

Lea and I helped undressed each other. I laid myself flat on my back on the carpet. I spotted Ross gripping my legs apart, supporting them on his shoulders. Then he touched me with his fingers, and the feel of his coarse digits was nearly enough to send me over the edge.

“God, you are so responsive,” Ross muttered just as Lea swung leg over my face and her temping pink folds descended over my hungry mouth. She was facing her husband, and seeing them kiss, I smiled and put my mouth to work.

“She likes it hard, Ross. Fuck her until she comes,” Lea said, as I drove my tongue deep into her moist pussy.

Between my legs, I felt Ross nudge his tip between my waiting lips, then his cock head. God he was huge. Bigger than John. Then he slid into me in one swift stroke, making me pause from my task.

“You like that, baby?” Ross asked.

I made some incomprehensible noise which he thankfully understood as a yes, and began really riding me. He pounded into me with deep and lingering strokes, making my entire body sing when he glided into my sweet spot.

I continued sucking and driving my tongue into his wife’s pussy, distracted again for a second because Lea was beginning to tug and pull at my nipple rings again. Pain mixed with pleasure, and soon enough I was on the verge on coming.

“Come one, baby. I want to see you come all over his cock,” Lea crooned, one hand still on my ring, the other reaching out for my clit. 

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