Blue Collar Boys 4: Nailed and Hammered by Ira Chas

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Johnny and Sarah Summers. Golden mirrors of each other. Twins. My best friend’s older brother and sister, and the only two people in the world I ever wanted. Desiring one of them is wrong, but desiring both of them? An indulgence. A sin. But I don’t care. Even when they’re gone, I sneak up to their room, lie on the bed and stick my nose inside the dusty spine of Johhny’s old paperback novel. That’s when the photo of Sarah falls out, leaving little to the imagination. When my reality collapses and I’m lost adrift, only one path remains open to me.

Warnings: This title contains graphic sex, FFM menage and shamelessly wicked sex between twins.
Word Count: 10,543



"Johnny. Don’t scare, Trish off. Maybe we should wait until she gets used to us,” Sarah murmurs, reaching out to play with one of my

“Am I scaring you?” Johnny asks, tilting my chin. I shake my head. He laughs. “What other fantasy is in that little head of yours?”“I want…” I lick my lips. Sarah rubs my nipple in encouragement, making it hard to think. “I want to see you two fuck.”

“Dirty little slut.” Johnny says fondly. “How you do want me to fuck her?”

“I get to chose?” I ask, looking between him and Sarah.

“Sure,” Sarah agrees.

“I want to see you fuck her on her knees. In the ass.”

Neither Johnny nor Sarah looks shocked by my request. “Good call. Sarah likes being fucked in the ass.”

“How does it feel?” I ask, sitting up. Both of them got off the bed.

“You haven’t done anal before, Trish?” Sarah asks. I greedily watch Johnny position her on all fours. I shake my head, mouth dry. “It feels different, but good, very good. Sit on the edge of the bed, I’ll take care of you while Johnny does me.”

I sit on the edge of the bed, watching Sarah crawl to me and part my legs. She smiles at me as I watch Johnny position himself behind her, lube in his hand. I’m so horny I’m practically dripping when Sarah’s kitten-like tongue darts out to taste me.

“Oh God.” I fist her hair, bringing her close and she lets out a sound of agreement.

“Watch carefully, Trish,” Johnny instructs, lubing Sarah’s hole and then his cock. “Because soon, I’m going to fuck you this way too.”

“I…” I didn’t hesitate for long, because Sarah placed her talented mouth to work. I lean back, groaning. “God, yes.”

“She’s good isn’t she?” Johnny smirks. After sliding one, two fingers into Sarah’s tight opening, he eases his way in. Like this, their two golden bodies are joined, like two Greek gods mating. 

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