The Evercreeks by Simon Arthur

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The Evercreeks have had their fair share of troubles as a family especially when it came to their children. Carey the introvert, Brandon the shy geek, and Lenore the wild child drove David and Carolyn to a new home town, a chance at a new life, and maybe the possibility to build a better life. After stumbling into a game his children played, the two parents began to see them in a whole new light. After a while, David can’t tell who is being played by whom anymore, hearing them wager each other, finding himself mirroring those same bets with his wife. Slowly by stages, the family finds itself growing closer and more confident. The family that plays together…


Warnings: This title contains mulitple partners, incest, group sex, rampant nudity, and anal sex.
Word Count: 46,446



Lenore laid on her back, still naked, one arm stretched over her head to hug a pillow to her back; the other stroked a nipple between fingers. Buried between her legs lay Brandon, his naked body nearly falling off the edge of the bed as his head bobbed and weaved at her crotch.

“Oh yes, Brandon… lick my pussy.” She moaned with satisfied glee and waves of lust. She lay back not like she was bored, but like a cat who wanted to watch the canary make a fine sauce and garnish itself before she ate it. “That’s right, big brother, this is what you get when you make a bet with me.” She gloated as she continued to administer to her desire. Her leg prevented any view of what he was actually doing but by her moans, he must have picked up a thing or two.

“Do you like it?” He asked as he picked up his head enough to speak. He didn’t seem put out, rather happy and willing to be enslaved to her pleasure. At that moment, Carolyn saw the image of his cock dangling there as he readjusted position. She pointed the camera right at it, zooming in for a moment to take in its greatness. It swelled and demanded attention, attention he couldn’t give at the moment. None the less, it testified to his happiness. She thankfully zoomed out again.

“Keep licking me!” She ordered with a little swat to his head. As his face returned to her crotch, she moaned again. “That’s right, bro. You are good licking my pussy. Oh yes. Keep doing that, god it feels so good. Yes, lick your little sister!” She hissed a bit. The last thought excited her as she bit her lip and her nipples tensed. I could tell she wasn’t far, that they had been at it for a while as her breathing tempo crescendoed up. “Oh yes, do it. Lick me! Lick me! OHHH!!!”

Her body flexed and spasmed as she came hard, even harder than she had watching her mother and I. She thrashed for a second, mostly arching her back and shoving her pelvis at her brother, trying to keep up with his tongue. She arched once more before collapsing.

“Whew, you are good.” She breathed, sweat glistening of her, drenching her suddenly. He raised himself up and started to crawl up over her, his big dick bouncing as he moved. He kissed up her belly slowly then the tips of each of her nipples before reaching up to kiss her. She opened her mouth for the kiss and their tongues danced for a second. She purred as her mouth closed, eyeing him beautifully. Suddenly her eyes opened in shock as the sensation shot through her, embarrassingly. She looked down and the camera followed. Brandon’s cock just barely touched her outer lips, the first time either of their private parts had felt any attention other than each other. So close.

She smiled naughtily as he blushed. I could see how close he had ever come to this situation and now stood easily as his best opportunity. He nervously gave her the inquisitive eye. She, like a telepath, read
his mind and gave the questioning eye back before finally asking. “Do you have one?”

He nodded and excitedly reached over to his bedside table. Opening a drawer he pulled out a small foil square. I had no idea he had a stash of those so close. Was he expecting this sort of thing or was he just being a good boy and making sure to always be prepared? I had no idea and probably even fewer thoughts in my head as I watched. He grasped it with his teeth and tore it open, pulling outthe familiar circle of golden translucence. Lenore’s eyes widened as she saw the condom in all its glory. She seemed to salivate in anticipation.

Like a klutzy marksman, it took him a few seconds to realize how he was to proceed then finally found his target and rolled it on. With the same hand that got him ready for action, he guided his cock towards her opening. He teased Lenore, stroking his tip up and down her slit. She giggled and cooed for all of a second before she commanded, “Stop that and fuck me already!”

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