Incestuous Delights: Book 1 by Lilith Lo

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Adelaide. Lovely, young, sweet and eighteen. The fruit of her mother's loins, the apple of her father's eye. Only in this family the Fruit and the Apple hold much more intrigue than mere offspring. In exchange for being permitted to attend college Adelaide must commit herself to her father's incestuous intents. With Glory, Gabe, Misty, and Mother by her side will she give in or will she deny Father Utah again?

This story contains explicit content depicting sexual acts between individuals all over the age of 18. If incest, domination, sexual punishment and all sorts of other elements disturb you then this is most likely not the book for you.

Warnings: This story contains elements of incest, punishment, bondage, spanking, coercion, and voyeurism.  

Word Count: 7000 




Alone in the kitchen Adelaide stirred a pot of grits. The scent of butter and cheese floated through the air. Ever since agreeing to her father's suggestion she saw everything in a new light. Sex toys were everywhere. The small flashlight in the junk drawer, the spoon that she was using to stir the pot, markers in her bedroom desk. Her sisters and Mother had all manner of cute little toys for such a thing, but for some reason that idea didn't thrill her.
She was nervous, however. Would it hurt? How much of it was up to her? But father was busy with Gabe, tending to the horses, and Glory had gone with everyone to the store. It was just Adelaide and her thoughts. She held the wooden spoon up and watched the creamy grits drip into the pan. What would it feel like to take the handle?
The cabinet held a number of glasses to drink from but none of those seemed like they would fit. There were tubes of seasonings in a rack, small jars in the fridge, little salt and pepper shakers, tiny bottles of hot sauce. How small was too small? How much could she take if she picked something too big?
Though her mind was buzzing and humming and her panties clinging and wet all day, the more she thought it over the more the idea actually began to stress her out. What if it wasn't clean enough, what if it hurt too much? Would Father intervene and say, "No, that's not going to work?" It wasn't until she was in her room putting away a stack of panties in her dresser drawer that her mind finally came to rest on the matter.
It was long, curved almost like the letter C, and bright pink. It was cute in a way, one end was capped off with a ball the size of a small plum, and the other . . . the other end was attached to the bathroom wall. Adelaide laughed off the idea of her first sex experience being with the robe hook from her bathroom.
But as the afternoon crept toward the nighttime it became the only thing she thought about. The more she looked at other objects the less appealing they were. As dinner bubbled on the stove she knew, without a doubt, that her first experience would be with the robe hook.

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