Incestuous Delights: Book 2 by Lilith Lo

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Pleasure or Punishment? Adelaide can't quite decide, all she knows is that morality continues to disappear, crumble, and vaporize under the urging and guidance of her father, Utah. It's wrong to want any of this, but sometimes that's what makes it such a thrill, isn't it?


Warnings: This work features concepts of incestuous sex, dubious consent, punishment and humiliation

Word Count: 10,000



From here, it was a long drive to the new market with nothing much to see. She had hoped the strawberry lick would be forgotten, but knew that there would be no such luck. It was the reason Father’s foot pressed to the peddle a little more heavily now.

He didn’t speak again until after they pulled away from the last stoplight.
“God, your mouth, Adelaide. Are you as incredibly turned on as I am?”
Adelaide turned her eyes to him. “No I’m... .” and she couldn’t let herself finish that lie so she fell quiet.
“Do you need some relief? I’ll permit you to bring yourself off if you’d like.”
He reached for her leg to give a seemingly innocent pat, a smile lit his face, his eyes bright. “Or I could... If you’d like.”
She turned her face away, watching as corn streaked past in chasing rows. His hand traveled up slowly, bringing her skirt with it as he went. She said nothing nor did she attempt to stop him. She did want it, she just couldn’t tell him that, there was still all manner of issues in the way of her falling into things. Like, this was her father. He attended parent-teacher conferences and griped about things like how much toilet paper the girls used.
“Your skin is so smooth, Addy. Christ, girl.” He skimmed the inside of her thigh. “Spread your legs, scoot your bottom forward. Let me see that toy of yours.”
Doing so was awkward. She had to anchor her hands against the seat and arm rest and shift her whole body, lifting herself up and twisting to the side, legs spread. She pulled her panties down just enough for him to see. All the while she was mindful of not being seen from outside the truck. Not that there was anyone around to see, but still.
“God that’s such a perfect choice for you, isn’t it?” He leaned forward and angled his face to see. “Wearable all day? Hands free? When I fuck your pussy with it in your ass like that I bet you it’ll make it all the more intense.”
Damn him with that dirty talk.

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