Incestuous Delights: Book 3 by Lilith Lo

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As Adelaide is pulled into the sensual undertow her sense of right and wrong dissolves entirely. It's Gabe and his brusque nature, Father Utah and his proper charm, Glory and her wickedness . . . it's everyone in Adelaide's kinky family.


Warnings: This work features concepts of incestuous sex, dubious consent, punishment and humiliation.
Word Count: 8000



With slow feet she made her way back to the room, nervous as to what she’d find inside.

Her hands shook. She was absolutely certain that when she opened the door it would have been transformed into a sex dungeon like the one she saw on a porn video quite a few times, something even more drastic than their living room’s second life.
The door to their room opened and warbled on its hinge as it clanged against the wall. Father and Mother groping and kissing was a rather familiar scene but her brother and sisters sitting and watching her was not. She carried the bucket to the counter and set it down. Then she fussed over the safety wrap on the mugs and straightened the packets of coffee, sugar, and creamer.
Their eyes, like lasers, heated up the skin of her neck. Eventually, the counter was organized perfectly and there was nothing to do but look up and stare at the reflection of everyone in the mirror.
Gabe’s hand was on his crotch. Glory’s head was tilted just a little to the side. Misty watched Father and Mother as they stared at Adelaide—their arms locked around each other.
And then Father was walking toward her, his body getting larger in the reflection with each step. Sexy ogre. When he was right on her he was so tall that his face couldn’t even be seen in the mirror. He leaned down next to her, the stubble of his chin catching her hair, and then he reached out to snatch the Channel Guide list from the counter. Grinning, he kissed her head. Grr! This game was making things worse!
Sitting with Mother, Father took up the remote and of all the things to possibly watch—the news, cooking shows, a movie about the Presidents of the United States—of course Fathered found a skin flick on a Pay-Per-View porn channel. Adelaide rolled her eyes at the choice. In the reflection, Father was smiling at her with that delighted grin.
“Come here, Addy,” he said. The remote now lay on an end table next to the couch.
Turtle-slow, Adelaide turned toward him, holding onto the rim of the counter to steady herself. She had been in front of them with Father before, she had even swallowed their cum, so why was this even more nerve wracking than that had been?

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