Their Seduction of Chris(Their Seduction Book 1) Tasha S. Heart

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It had been almost two years since Emily had left for college. I was excited when she announced that she was moving back home during summer break to find herself. I thought everything was going to be like before, but when seeing how much she had changed I knew I was wrong. I didn't see her as the same innocent girl that would follow me around. She had changed, blossomed into a beautiful woman. I couldn't stop thinking about her the way I did and I knew it was wrong. But one weekend with my girlfriend and my sister quickly changed our lives forever.


Warnings: This story contains strong sexual situations, graphic language, masturbation, m/f/f, some anal sex and taboo/incest sexual relationship.
Word Count: 11741



I attempted to close my eyes and go to sleep when I felt Teresa's hand moving under the covers. "Emily's here," I whispered when feeling her wrap her hand around my limp dick. She didn't say anything. She just wrapped her hand around my dick, squeezing it hard as her hand moved up and down. "Oh," I grunted, closing my eyes. "Teresa," I panicked when feeling the covers being pulled up and she ducked down in between my legs. "God, don't...don't do...don't stop," I panted when feeling her take me in her mouth. I looked down when I felt something different. "Wait," I whispered and looked to see Teresa lying next to me. I quickly pulled back the covers to see Emily with my dick in her mouth. "Emily!" I shouted, sliding back.
"You're going to wake her," she whispered, squeezing my dick in her hand.
"God, Em, what are you doing?"
"Please, Chris," she begged, gently scratching the tip of her nails along my shaft.
"It's okay."
I heard Teresa whisper in my ear. "What? No. This is wrong."
Emily's eyes rolled up to us and she licked her lips. "I can taste you on his cock," she whispered to Teresa.
"We can't do this!"
"Doesn't her mouth feel good? Don't you want us to make you feel good?" Teresa asked as Emily licked up my shaft, showing me firsthand what I imagined in the shower. Before I could answer or protest Teresa kissed me hard, sucking on my tongue like Emily was sucking my dick. "She looks so sexy sucking your dick," she whispered against my lips. "She wants to fuck you, Chris. Are you going to let her fuck you?"
I opened my mouth to speak, but the words wouldn't come out. With Emily's mouth wrapped around my dick I couldn't think of anything other than how good it felt. "Oh god," I breathed, feeling her tongue ring against my skin. "This can't be real," I whispered, looking down at Emily in between my legs. The way she looked at me she had a hunger in her eyes. That was a look I've never seen in her and that thrilled me more than words could explain.
"Do you want her to fuck you, Chris?" Teresa whispered, rubbing her fingers through Emily's hair. "Look at her, babe. She wants to fuck you," she breathed. I couldn't deny watching Teresa playing with Emily's hair while she sucked my dick was enough to make me come right there. "I bet she's so wet."
"Oh god," I breathed. That was the only thing I could say. I knew I should stop her. I knew what she was doing was wrong. I knew what Teresa suggested was wrong, but watching Emily holding my hard cock in her hands, staring at me through wide hungry eyes was more than I could handle. " to go," I stuttered as Emily crawled up to me.
"Please, Chris," she begged, positioning herself over my hips as she lifted her shirt over her breasts. They were even more beautiful than I imagined. Her pink nipples were so hard and perky.
"I think he needs some incentive, Em," said Teresa getting on her knees next to Emily and kissed her. My eyes widen as I watched them kissing. I couldn't believe the same lips that I was kissing less than an hour ago was kissing my sister. I thought there wasn't much more I could take till Teresa licked her lips before licking one of Emily's hard nipples. I heard her let out a soft moan as she took it in her mouth. Emily held the back of Teresa's head, holding it there as she devoured her nipple. I was frozen in shock and lust as I watched my girlfriend and sister kissing and touching each other. "She's wet for you, Chris," she whispered, resting her head on Emily's shoulder while rubbing against the fabric of her panties. They both stared at me looking sexier than I could have ever imagined. I watched Teresa kiss Emily again while she moved her panties aside and lowered her over my dick. "It's okay," she whispered as I attempted to protest by holding Emily's hips, trying to stop her.


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