Their Seduction of Sarah(Their Seduction 2) by Tasha S. Heart

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While taking time off from college, Emily moves back home with her family. Emily is the type of girl that knows what she wants and does her best to get it and being a young and attractive woman, makes it easy for her. After seeing Sarah doing something she shouldn't have seen, Emily hasn't been able to stop thinking about her, wanting her. While her father is on another business, Sarah finds herself more lonely than usual. Emily and Chris both pick up on her sudden change in mood and do their best to comfort her. While Chris is out rescuing Teresa again, Emily joins Sarah at the pool. Emily decides to help Sarah relief her loneliness and takes advantage of the opportunity by sharing Sarah with Chris, giving her the best day in her life. A day relaxing by the pool turns into something much more interesting.


Warnings: TThis story contains graphic language, explicit sex scense, MFF, FF masturbation/sex, forbidden/taboo
Word Count: 14,800



"Damn it, Chris, give it to me," I demanded, tugging at him, leading him to his bed.
He kissed my neck, then the curve of my breast. His eyes met mine when he stopped shortly after. "So…were those guys better looking than me?" I almost hated him for stopping to talk about the movie, but I humored him anyway. He turned me around, brushing his nose against the curve of my neck. I could feel him smiling, but I could hear a hint of jealousy in his voice.
"Of course they weren't better looking than you. No one compares to you," I answered, knowing it would be a boost to his ego as he pressed his hand against my hot mound.
"Right answer. This better be for my cock and my cock only," he huffed, slipping his finger inside, making me jump and writher against him. He smiled against my neck again as I squirmed. He held the back of my head and pushed me onto the bed. I looked at him over my shoulder, staring in awe as he stroked his cock, gripping the head tight with each tug. He walked toward me, gripping it tighter, making it swell in his hand. The look in his eyes thrilled me as he stared over me on all fours. "Oh, Emily," he growled before he hit the head of his cock against the curve of my ass. He was as hard as a steel rod, probing the entrance of my asshole then my pussy as if he couldn't decide which hole he wanted first.
"Put it in my ass," I whimpered, begging almost. "Please." I closed my eyes and bit my bottom lip hard to brace myself. "Oh yes," I cried out when feeling his thick head force its way in. "Yes," I moaned after the initial shock of the pain.
"You're so tight, Emily."
"You love it, don't you?" I glanced at him over my shoulder, watching his face change with every hard thrust.
He grabbed my hips tight, digging his fingertips into my flesh. "I love it," he declared behind his hard gasps for air. "Damn it, Em," he grunted pulling me, making me fuck him. The sound of my body hitting against his filled the room. "You feel so good, I want to come."
"Yes," I cried out, pulling the bed sheets. "Deeper…please…deeper!" My hands extended in front of me, pulling the cream colored fitted sheets.
"God, Emily." He pulled me back and forth, pounding against me. My breasts swayed and hit against the mattress. The rhythm of our bodies slapping against each other made my head spin.
"Oh my...god." I pressed my face into the mattress when I reached down in between my legs to play with my clit. My fingers worked fast and hard, making my body tremble. "God…so good." He pounded and abused my asshole like there was no tomorrow. I could tell he was close by the rush of his breathing with each hit. I gripped the bed sheets in between my fingers tight while my other hand went to work to bring on my own orgasm. "Fuck!" I bit my lip tight while working fast circles against my swollen clit. "Oh yes, yes," I screamed into the mattress. My body quivered as my orgasm left me breathless. All I could do was whimper and moan against the bed as the blood rushed to my head.
He held me still against him while his body jerked. "Don't move." He glanced at me as I attempted to turn to look at him. I smiled and rested my cheek against the mattress when feeling him slowly slip out. "Man, I couldn't quit you even if I tried," he whispered after kissing my back. I laid down on my stomach and kissed him when he collapsed on the bed next to me. I stopped smiling and slowly rubbed my hand along the mattress. "What's wrong?"
"I wish we didn't have to hide," I whispered as the reality of our relationship surfaced.
He rubbed my back and kissed my shoulder. "I know," he said his voice low.


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